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Very large foldout chip caring

I work construction by day and woodworker by night. I decorate my woodworking pieces with chip carvings. This piece is and art piece that I created for a few woodcarving shows that I attend. This is a wall hanging that is 24” sq. and has 4 triangles hinged on it. When this is opened it becomes a 36” diamond. The dark wood framing is walnut and the light colored wood is basswood. I wanted something a little different so I cut a circle out of the middle of the 4 hinged panels. Fitting the panels was a long process. If you want more details I can post them for you.

-- Roger Strautman

A piece of art and a nice way to show your carving skills that will draw a lot of attention .


Very intricate. Well done.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

a truly inspired piece of work. The chip carving is extraordinary and the idea with the folding panels seems unique to me. In other words, some really wonderful work.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Very nice. Great build. Are the paterns for free?

Gorgeous work. And the folding ‘pages…’ revealing surprised to the viewer…fantastic. I admire your skill!

-- Might As Well Dance :

Thanks to all!

The patterns are all free and can be used by anyone.

-- Roger Strautman

Gorgeous! Just stunning!


Truly a masterpiece!


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-- Losing fingers since 1969

Love it, it’s amazing Excellent excellent work.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker