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Plaid Cutting Board

Plaid Cutting Board

I have been trying to figure out how to do one of these end grain boards in plaid for quite some time. I’ve had a few failures along the way and always one bit of the process failed me. Finally in a flash it hit me how to do it. This is the result. Thanks for looking.

Bondo Gaposis

Very cool design excellent work Bondo.

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I’m in trouble Bondo, the wife saw this and now she wants 2 of them. Truly nice work.


Truly awesome.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

This is really a great looking cutting board. What are the woods? walnut, cherry, maple, oak? ? ? ? How large is it?

Your plaid really looks authentic!


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The size is 9×13x 1 1/2. The woods I used are walnut, cherry and maple.

Bondo Gaposis

That is beautiful

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SMaria7, first I radiused the corners on the bandsaw. Then I cleaned them up at the oscillating belt sander. Then rounded over the edges at the router table with a large round over bit.

Bondo Gaposis

That turned out really nice , keep up the good work