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Medieval Door

Medieval Door

My wife wanted this. She trusted me to design it and she’s very happy with it.
1. I’m Very happy that it worked out so well. It hangs and swings like a dream. I think a lot of luck was involved.
2. Since I had never made a door practically everything was a learning experience. The 2×6s are rabbetted and sealed with adhesive. The inside support boards are balanced by the outside metal pieces so it stays straight and rigid. The nails are hand made and all the steel parts I made with my forge or cut out with a torch. It took way too long because I honestly had no idea if it was going to work or what problems would crop up. If I make another it won’t take near so long and will be even stronger.
3. I thank my wife for her encouragement when I was worried about one thing or another. Together we remodeled our kitchen, living room and bedroom and we work well together. Thank you, Brenda!

Nice combination of wood and metal working skills! That door should last for the next ten centuries.


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Thanks! Before this we had a door made up largely of glass panes. I feel more secure about leaving now.

Wow, that sure fits the bill as Mediveil and sure looks secure enough to withstand a battering ram :) Great job!


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I love it. Especially the peep hole. :-)

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Fantastic work and it really looks authentic too.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Tons of craftsmanship and talent went into that beauty. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks everyone! And Season’s Greetings!

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