Arts and Crafts desk

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That’s gorgeous. I’ve been using an Arts and Crafts style desk rescued from Harvard (I’ve been told) since high school. Same QS white oak, the same curve to the lap drawer, but with only drawers on the right. Love your version.


this almost brought tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful.
I just want to touch that would and follow the lines.

LOTS of work in this

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Wow! That QSWO really has the flecking. It will definitely become an heirloom.


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Beautiful. There’s nothing like working at a desk that’s nicer than your boss’s corner office one. 👍

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That looks fantastic! Nice work.

My that is a Beautiful desk, superb workmanship and the QSO is outstanding, Great Job.

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Beautiful desk I really like Art’s and Crafts

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After using a roll top desk for 40 years I decided to build one. I put in all the things that I liked. Including, quarter sawn white oak, file draw, dividers, pencil units, and pull out work tops.