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Pair of china cabinets

My wife got a bunch of depression glass from her grandmother and it was about time to make a couple cases for it. Glass was shelves from Tiffany’s store. The hardware hinge straps were from copper pipe, split and hammered. Put lead dividers in the upper glass because it matched the windows next to the china cabinets.

Oh my goodness – heirlooms for the heirlooms!

Honouring the wood; honouring the antiques; honouring the grandmother … priceless!!

You must feel very proud of what you have created

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What a lovely way to display grandma’s treasures!


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Curious: did you make bth doors to open in the same direction?

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They open opposite because they are in opposite corners of the dining room.

I wondered!!! Love them even more, now

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Those look great!

Heirloom is right. I never thought of making hinges from copper pipe. Great idea!

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Very nice I bet she loves it.