Taking Flight


First sculpture my Taking Flight series

10’ high with butterfly sizes ranging from 2’- 5’ across

Steel and copper

This is a public art piece that has been leased by the cities of Castlegar and Nelson, BC. I installed it yesterday in it’s final home in Oak Bay, Victoria, BC. It is installed in the garden area of a new building which is a mixture of commercial and residential. The glass windows it is in front of is going to be a restaurant very soon.


That’s so beautiful,wonderful art!


You really are a true artist! We have seen so many public sculptures (for which our tax dollars have been wasted) which couldn’t even be identified as to what they are . . . and the really wonderful monuments from years gone by are being torn down and defaced. Each one of yours is a masterpiece.


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5’ …. that’s my height!!

absolutely stunning.
People will be saying, “you know that restaurant with the butterflies?”

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Thanks everyone. They really are best seen in person as the scale comes into effect


Sweet! Fine art.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

It’s so nice to see a local artist’s work displayed locally! This is awesome! You really get a great view of the details against the blue sky!