Tool Cabinet


The case part of this wall-mounted tool cabinet was pre-existing but the original doors were simple frame + panel. Through a progression to hand tool use, I had more hand tools to store so decided to deepen the doors. The inside of each door now has space for measuring +marking tools as well as chisels, etc. I also added an infill section between the two cabinets to house some hand planes used often in my joinery. It was a fun project that took no longer than 3 days while taking my time. Creating the small tool holders was fun and I got to use offcuts I was accumulating. The door panels are dry erase board. I carried this over from the previous doors as I find it handy to jot build notes down and check off steps I need to make in a furniture build.

Norman Pirollo

Nicely organized! It makes for a fine-looking wall cabinet as well as being exceptionally functional.


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Thank you.. Glad to have my most used tools visible and within reach.

Norman Pirollo

I love to have my tools nice and organized. Nice work,Norman.

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I just started following your site and I sure like the looks of your tool cabinet

Maury Dodson

Nice build. I’d love to build one myself but my issue is that I never put anything back. It would be awesome for about….oh…a day. LOL.