Tambour Cabinet


This Krenov-inspired cabinet on stand incorporates elements of tambour. The tambour elements were hand assembled as this is a one-off. If working with small batches I usually devise jigs to both standardize components and speed some processes up. Aligning the tambour strips into a pattern was critical, especially where the doors meet and the outside edges. The strips combine both Maple and Black Limba to form a subtle, cohesive pattern. Inspiration for the project originated with the concept of tambours. Hand assembly of the tambour strips took a while and became more exciting as the pattern grew wider! I’m drawn to this design and enjoy viewing it.


Norman Pirollo

Beautiful build Norman. Colors, fit and finish are all a perfect blend. Thanks for sharing.


Very nice piece. The tambour do not slide open since you ar using hinges, I presume.
What kind of wood did you use?

All in very good looking.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Thanks. Tambours are fixed into door panels, doors open through conventional knife hinges. Woods are Maple and Black Limba. I wanted some complementary woods with a subtle contrast. Also, the stand and drawer fronts are Black Limba.

Norman Pirollo

Stunning piece, perfectly executed. Simple, clean design lets the wood do the talking. Beautiful work!

Amor Vincit Omnia

Krenov would approve, nice work I like the detail in the tambor.

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