Art box


This 12 drawer collectors case is what I made this for my daughter for Christmas this year. She has quite a collection of art supplies and I thought she could use a nice box to store them in. Honduras Mahogany & quarter sawn oak seem to go very well together. I mean who couldn’t use a 12 drawer box?#trimandcraft #woodworker #woodshop #canadiancarpenter

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Beautiful art box, nice choice of wood, and extra nice built it pull design,I’m sure your daughter loves it.

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Now that is the most beautiful set of drawers that I have ever seen.


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The handles are stunning! Can you share some photos of how you managed those?


That is beautiful!

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The drawer pulls have caught my eye from a fellow woodworker.

Here is how I did mine.
1. The router table
2. After a trim on the table saw with a rip blade. Glue on to the top of each front.
3. Bandsaw each piece using pencil lines drawn with the pattern in the pic.
4. Sand with stationary belt sander & lots of hand sanding to finish. ??

My Woodshop is my happy place?

What a beautiful way to store art supplies! It will be a family heirloom.


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