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I am a Creative Director at an ad agency. I have always loved woodworking and making boxes. About 15 years ago, I started working with an angle grinder to create far more interesting, and sculpture-like creations. We make furniture, cabinets, tables and have also made a king sized bed. My husband and I work as a team on the furniture. I always like to sand my works of art to at least 4000 grit and mostly use a tung oil mixture to give a beautiful satin sheen to my work.

-- Ellen

Falling Ginkgo leaf - Woodworking Project by Ellenski

Falling Ginkgo leaf

A friend of mine asked if I would build a sculpture for over his very large sofa in his new home....

Heart love lamp - Woodworking Project by Ellenski

Heart love lamp

Yearly, i donate a project to help a charity. The theme is always heart oriented. This year, I...

Copper Ginkgo - Woodworking Project by Ellenski

Copper Ginkgo

Every year I make something out of wood and donate it to the Memphis Child Advocacy “Works of...

Makore Table Enlarged - Woodworking Project by Ellenski

Makore Table Enlarged

We started with a 52 inch square table. 3 years later, the center part of the table, made of...

Fall in Love - Woodworking Project by Ellenski

Fall in Love

This is a leaf that i carved with my angle grinder and sanded to a fine finish. I donate this...