Carved Tufted Treasure Box

This box was constructed out of hard maple with inlayed milled walnut panels, a solid milled walnut top with polished brass hardware and lined with aromatic cedar. This box features precision Cnc milled tufted walnut panels with inlayed polished brass hardware, all inlayed into a finger jointed maple frame and brass piano hinge. I believe I used every tool in the shop to make this one, honing my hand woodworking skills and modifying my Cnc tool paths based on what I am learning from my experimental vases.

We love it! What is the size?


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Very cool a one of a kind with amazing CNC work an outstanding interior too.

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Thanks for the kind words! the size of this box is 10″×20″×15″tall.

Stunning and a great use of the CNC. ??

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