Carved Tufted Treasure Box


This box was constructed out of hard maple with inlayed milled walnut panels, a solid milled walnut top with polished brass hardware and lined with aromatic cedar. This box features precision Cnc milled tufted walnut panels with inlayed polished brass hardware, all inlayed into a finger jointed maple frame and brass piano hinge. I believe I used every tool in the shop to make this one, honing my hand woodworking skills and modifying my Cnc tool paths based on what I am learning from my experimental vases.


We love it! What is the size?


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Very cool a one of a kind with amazing CNC work an outstanding interior too.

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Thanks for the kind words! the size of this box is 10″×20″×15″tall.

Stunning and a great use of the CNC. ??

Amor Vincit Omnia

That is a beautiful box, well done.

You would have fit right in with the box swap that is finishing up here on the site.

Main Street to the Mountains

wow over the top. ive never seen wood done to look tufted before. incredible work.

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Wow - great way to put a CNC to work.
The quilted wood is just awesome.  So well done.
Wonderful concept flawlessly executed.  Beautiful.

Huh? Whadaya mean it ain't "measure once cut twice"?

just WOW GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


A really outstanding project. The "tuffed" walnut really looks like leather.

Hans Sitte

Simply incredible! You really know how to make that CNC perform, thanks for sharing your talents.

.................. John D....................

Beautiful box...Great example of an artist using whatever it takes to create an idea...
Multi-media beauty!

Steven- Random Orbital Nailer

One of the most beautiful, unique boxes I have seen!
Very well done, that tufted look is really good.

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BRAVO..... I really like it.

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Love the look you created here...very well done