Tunisian Crochet Success

Tunisian Crochet Success

Well, I did it — I used the 2-colour, Tunisian Crochet in-the-round technique, by Lily Chin and have created a little sweater for my granddaughter.

Since there aren’t a whole lot (as in 0) patterns for toddler sweaters using the above technique, I had to wing it. I did find and use a regular pattern for the top part, (out of fear of failure, to be honest), and didn’t use the technique for this section. I’m not thrilled with the top section AND, also, the pattern, although it is for a 2-3 year old will probably only fit our wee one for a few months. Double sad face :(

For a pattern for the bottom section, I just used a dress, that was left here last week after a visit, in order to get measurements.

But… it is a first. And it is completed. And it is somewhat what I had envisioned. And it is red and white for the season (and for Valentines – which is about the last time she would be able to wear it).

Next step is to actually see the finished item on her. If it is cute, I’ll let you know. If it turns out to be “an ugly sweater”, well, we’ll just turn the page and move on.

But now that I’m “experienced”, I can tackle more sweaters. I just need to have something to use as a measurement pattern to work from!

The Pattern

  • begin with enough stitches to create neck opening (this has an opening in the back plus a button at the top)
  • work, increasing as you would a circle: 2,2,2; 2,1,2,1; 2,1,1,1, etc; til it is wide enough for shoulders
  • finish off
  • join under left arm, joining the yoke together for armhole, (for this one, I had 36 stitches for the sleeve opening); work across to other sleeve and again join as above; NOTE: I wasn’t sure how to pick up the stitches to start the Tunisian-in-the-round, so I just slipped loops onto the hook. I had also started, for some reason, working backwards (can’t remember why) or it was turned inside out. Anyway, I did one row of this and then another. The result was a beautiful stitch that kind of looks like a row of hearts. LOVE IT.
  • now, working in the round, finish the sweater
  • for the bottom of the sweater, I wanted to repeat the little heart pattern that I made by accident. It took me forever and two rows being ripped out over and over again until I finally duplicated it. It was “working backwards” that finally did it for me. I’ll probably never be able to do this again. Or maybe it’s an actual stitch the directions can be found online somewhere!
  • last step was sewing in the ends.

I could add sleeves, but it isn’t going to fit her for very long so I’ve chosen not to. A turtleneck underneath will work just fine.

Now…. for the lad!! :)

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