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A box but only just. It nearly ended up as firewood several times.

Construction – EZ Mitre Shell box.

Dimensions – 105 mm square x 65 mm high. 6 mm thick walls ( 3 mm core + 3 mm pattern). On a 6 mm plinth/inner.

Materials – Ebony, Sycamore, Holly, Wenge and Birch Ply.

Adhesives – PVA, CA

Finish – Sanded to 240 Grit and finished with Spray Satin Acrylic

I was tempted to call this one Lazarus, since it has been raised (or more properly saved) from the dead several times. But then, as an atheist, no.

I’ve had to patch the pattern, sanded down the triangles (making up the squares) for a proper 45 degree angle (and even then there are still gaps, I hate gaps), one of the sides was 2mm too sort (after a trimming accident when truing up the board before EZ Mitre) and had to cut it into five pieces and resanded the angles after problems with the EZ Mitre.

All in all it refuses to die and like a bad trip I’ll probably be remembering it for years.

It also screws with your eyes but this was intentional. Stare at it at your own risk!


Beautiful… just beautiful… and all the movement!!!


Sanding the triangle would have assured a quick death with me. I admire your patience.
I like how the square pattern is “inverse” to the next in term of color.
It’s a beautiful box like all your boxes.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Beautiful work Martyn

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