Under My Skin


I peeled back the skin from a corner of this plain box and what did I find…..

Construction – EZ Mitre Shell box.

Dimensions – 93 mm square x 57 mm high. 6 mm thick walls ( 3 mm core + 3 mm pattern). On a 6 mm plinth/inner.

Materials – Ebony, Bloodwood, Cherry, Holly and Birch Ply.

Adhesives – PVA, CA

Finish – Sanded to 400 Grit and finished with Spray Satin Acrylic

The pattern, whilst it appears to be a regular square one from one side or side and top, takes on a triangular aspect when viewed from the corner. I like the triangular Cherry grain pattern in the second shot, an unexpected bonus.



So creative.. glad to see you here ;)

Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

WOW MARTYN..you certainly have a wonderful creative woodworker inside your head, even though our boxes are miles apart in how they look, they are still a box, but the outside of yours are fantastic with style and creativity…its always a wonderful surprise when i go to open the page to see what you have come up with…this one is fantastic…each one goes to a different level..and takes my mind to a different though…thanks so much for sharing your gift….bob

"the grizz" [''''']

Welcome Martyn.
It’s truly good to see you here. You have a lot to share and we are all richer for it.

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It’s an incredible box Martyn.
I have it on my favorite list and I look at it now and then. Every time I tell myself I need to build it.

I am happy to see you here.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

So beautiful… hurts my eyes… in a great way!
You just keep outdoing yourself!


Your imagination dose not know any borders. Mr. boxology.


Thank you all.

Something new to follow, shortly.



This is one of my favorites! Great design. Welcome!


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great looking box!

Thanks for posting

Your work is always many marks above any average box,excellennt.

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This is so amazing! I love it!

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