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Under My Skin

I peeled back the skin from a corner of this plain box and what did I find…..

Construction – EZ Mitre Shell box.

Dimensions – 93 mm square x 57 mm high. 6 mm thick walls ( 3 mm core + 3 mm pattern). On a 6 mm plinth/inner.

Materials – Ebony, Bloodwood, Cherry, Holly and Birch Ply.

Adhesives – PVA, CA

Finish – Sanded to 400 Grit and finished with Spray Satin Acrylic

The pattern, whilst it appears to be a regular square one from one side or side and top, takes on a triangular aspect when viewed from the corner. I like the triangular Cherry grain pattern in the second shot, an unexpected bonus.

-- BBM

So creative.. glad to see you here ;)

-- Martin Sojka,


-- Dan_P

WOW certainly have a wonderful creative woodworker inside your head, even though our boxes are miles apart in how they look, they are still a box, but the outside of yours are fantastic with style and creativity…its always a wonderful surprise when i go to open the page to see what you have come up with…this one is fantastic…each one goes to a different level..and takes my mind to a different though…thanks so much for sharing your gift….bob

-- "the grizz" [''''']

Welcome Martyn.
It’s truly good to see you here. You have a lot to share and we are all richer for it.

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It’s an incredible box Martyn.
I have it on my favorite list and I look at it now and then. Every time I tell myself I need to build it.

I am happy to see you here.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

So beautiful… hurts my eyes… in a great way!
You just keep outdoing yourself!

-- Ellen

Your imagination dose not know any borders. Mr. boxology.


Thank you all.

Something new to follow, shortly.

-- BBM


This is one of my favorites! Great design. Welcome!


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-- MontanaBob