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Snakes ( a cutting board)


This is an end grain cutting board Approx. 230×340mm 24mm. The first one I made.
The pattern is one of my own, Snakes. The materials are American Black Walnut and Maple.



Really nice pattern. Great cutting board!


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Rather cool pattern.


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Love it!

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Great cutting board.

There are are few cutting board pattern that I like. This one is one of my favorite.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Great design

I do not have attention deficit disor.................hey look, it's a bunny!

Very nice!

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That is so cool! Well done.

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Martyn! A cutting board!
A really nice cutting board too, is this a new direction?
Is there such a thing as a cutting board-ologist?
Seriously, this is a sweet first cutting board and if you are going to take up the cutting board challenge I can’t wait to see the new extents to which the said envelope gets pushed.

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excellent job, love the pattern . Must have taken hours to produce such a beautiful pattern. That cutting board has to be on the top of the list for well done .


Very cool cutting board Martyn

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Beautifully executed!

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