Fireplace mantel

Fireplace mantel
Fireplace mantel

A couple of the mantels I made on site in the last home I built. I set up shop at the house, just like they used to do it in the old days, and spent a couple years doing the interior. I enjoyed doing these type of homes but the physical part just wore me out. My last two homes took 5 years to complete and were my last hurrah.

Tom Plamann


A better pic of the big mantel.

Tom Plamann

Amazing indeed. Definitely worth the wait for the homeowner.

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I would love my home to have this as the center focal point.

Great work!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


These mantels are incredibly gorgeous! What an outstanding home. Do you do the carvings? Thanks for sharing and welcome.


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The carvings were done on site by a man I know from Tansania. He is amazing.

Tom Plamann

Those are fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

Just amazing, thanks for sharing.


Wow this is very fine workmanship,Beautiful.

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