Chilean Tineo Bowl

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Hello, folks. I haven’t been here in some time, but have been woodworking off and on. Involved now with planning for Christmas, and family duties. I took time recently to make a bowl just for me, out of my last piece of Chilean Tineo. I want to keep this one, as it’s a beautiful timber and my supplier says he can’t get any more of it. It’s dense, and colorful, and full of character. My mother confiscated it immediately!

It’s about 8-3/4" in diameter and 3" high.

Might As Well Dance :

Very sweet , and the bowl looks nice also ;)

Very nice.

look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a big hunk of the bowl I was turning.


You really presented that gorgeous wood in a fine art form! No wonder you want to keep it. The finish looks exquisite.


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Wow that’s an amazingly beautiful bowl,very fine work Barb,

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It looks great.
Love the wood.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

That’s a real beauty Barb. You’ll have to find a way to confiscate it back.

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Your mother was paying you the bestt possible compliment Barb. It’s a real beauty!

Mike, an American living in Norway

Thanks, all. My mother lives upstairs; I care for her and see to her needs, so the bowl is well off upstairs, where it is less likely to gather dust! God bless elderly mothers everywhere.

Might As Well Dance :

Wow Barb this a wonderful turning,I’ve never heard of Chilean Tineo but it sure is amazingly beautiful.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker