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Chilean Tineo Bowl

Hello, folks. I haven’t been here in some time, but have been woodworking off and on. Involved now with planning for Christmas, and family duties. I took time recently to make a bowl just for me, out of my last piece of Chilean Tineo. I want to keep this one, as it’s a beautiful timber and my supplier says he can’t get any more of it. It’s dense, and colorful, and full of character. My mother confiscated it immediately!

It’s about 8-3/4" in diameter and 3" high.

-- Might As Well Dance :

Very sweet , and the bowl looks nice also ;)

Very nice.

-- look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a big hunk of the bowl I was turning.


You really presented that gorgeous wood in a fine art form! No wonder you want to keep it. The finish looks exquisite.


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Wow that’s an amazingly beautiful bowl,very fine work Barb,

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

It looks great.
Love the wood.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

That’s a real beauty Barb. You’ll have to find a way to confiscate it back.

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Your mother was paying you the bestt possible compliment Barb. It’s a real beauty!

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Thanks, all. My mother lives upstairs; I care for her and see to her needs, so the bowl is well off upstairs, where it is less likely to gather dust! God bless elderly mothers everywhere.

-- Might As Well Dance :

Wow Barb this a wonderful turning,I’ve never heard of Chilean Tineo but it sure is amazingly beautiful.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker