This is a sleigh design that I created many years ago and have build sevral hundreds of over the years and shipped all over the world to friends and relatives .
They are easy to make by cutting the sides out with a router and spiral bit using a pattern and the other three pieces are simply cut on the table saw .
1×8″ Pine is the material I use for this which gives me many finishing options from natural to painted .
My wife does the decorating and they make a great gift .


Very nice Klause, I’m getting in the spirit already. I have made some sleighs too, but they are stored away until we decorate the house for Christmas. When our grandchildren were young I used to make up a lot of Christmas decorations, including those sleighs on my scroll saw and then we had a big workshop session with them and their parents to paint it all. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed a very cozy time together. The grandkids loved it and they are still using those decorations every year even though the workshops stopped about 8years ago when the youngest of them were grown out of it!

Mike, an American living in Norway

Thanks Mike
I am glad to see you in the Christmas spirit also and i would love to see some pictures of your decorations .
This sleigh is a design that started many years ago with my son and I working together making them for a local gift shop ,hundreds of them and they sold very fast .
Now we get pictures of them every Christmas from family and friends and they are still enjoying them and are asking if I could make more for .
I guess I will have to break down and start making some but it’s hard with all the other gifts still waiting to get completed .


very cute.
It looks like a lot of your friends will e receiving beautiful sleigh.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

fun work super decorations.

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