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The first box made with the new box clamp I posted recently.

The box turned out perfectly square and was a breeze to complete , the finish is a new bees wax process I came up with and took about an hour from start to finish and is glass smooth with a satin sheen.
On this one I used copper for accents on the lid lift,tray handle and also for the leather hinge plates which I think work well with the birds eye maple and jatoba.
This box will go to a friend as a gift along with a little tapper mallet .
Comments and questions are always appreciated .


Thanks Paul and that is exactly the feeling I had with the design of this box .
I wanted the wood to speak and show it’s beauty and not distract from it .


I like it Klaus.
Simple is often used to mean easy or unchallenging. Then there is elegance where simplicity involves achieving perfection in the fewest moves.
This is simply elegant.

-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

I will do a blog on this down the road and in the mean time will see how this cures over the next little while .
It is just too easy to do and the time involved is minimal as compared to the way I used to do it .
So Far the result has impressed me .


Beautiful box Klaus, your friend will love it. Now you’ve got me curious about your new beeswax process. I have used beeswax on a lot of turnings in the past and I’m amazed how well those finishes have held up.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway


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