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I am wondering how you always come up with better ways to do things.

This one will be very handy.

Thanks for sharing.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I forgot to say: The video makes t very easy to see how it works.
In fact I watch the video before reading the text:)

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


Thanks for taking a look at this and the video.
I find that making a video is a much better way to explain and get an idea across but much more time consuming .
But the clamp works well and better than I expected using it the first time .



This looks like a brilliant idea! I’ve got Merle band clamps (which I would not recommend) and they’re nearly impossible to use. This looks much more forgiving with the webbing (mine is metal — too stiff to manipulate). I need to hit a hot spot to watch the video. Thanks for sharing this.


-- “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

I have never found a miter clamp, whether shop-made or store bought that I like as much as your ingenious design Klaus. I just want you to know that I very much appreciate you sharing your excellent woodworking solutions with us. I will for sure be making this one. I might change the bolt clamp tops to look a little more like mushrooms though.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

this turned out really good, having something that works for getting your boxes just right is priceless, thanks for the video, i always enjoy seeing things built from a video.

-- "the grizz" [''''']

Nice job. I just put that on my short list. Appreciate you taking the time to document it so well.

-- Cruiser

Nobody builds a better mousetrap than you, Klaus. Very ingenious. The copper sleeves are a great idea.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Awesome! Thanks for sharing Klaus.

-- Keith "Shin" Schindler

Excellent idea and build you certainly achieved your goals.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

This clamping system has been on my mind for some time and yesterday I set out to put it into reality as I started a box and thought I put an end to the frustration of clamping a box and still get the odd box that is out of square and have to rework it .
This clamp or clamping jig is a breeze to make and also minimal in cost aside from the Bessey clamp which I will use for other things anyway .
The design idea has several criteria which are simplicity, low cost ,accuracy ,visibility of the corners during clamping and smooth and accurate operation and no damage to the corners, I think I have met that goal .

I started with some plywood squares cut perfectly square and pinned two of them face to face and laid out the three hole locations and set up the drill press with a stop block to ensure all the holes where in the same location on all four corner pieces . This was followed by cutting out the right angle piece which contacts the box , the cuts were made with my table saw sled and have to be a perfect 90 DEG.
The steel pins are made from a piece of drill rod and the copper spacer sleeves are 1/2” copper pipe cut to lenght .
The copper sleeves serve a dual purpose as spacers and also as rollers to let the strap slide smoothly as clamping pressure is applied
The strap is nylon from a hold down strap and the clamping arms are again made from Baltic birch ply .
This clamp can be used on a multitude of box designs by altering the corner shape to accommodate dovetails or finger joints etc.
The box that I am making was cut on the sled also and I did a blog and video you can see here

and I also did a video that shows the clamp in action and shows more of the clamp build and the clamping process .

I included some random pictures also and hope you find this interesting and enjoy the video .

Any questions and comments are always appreciated .



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