Baby fence wall bracket/extension

Baby fence wall bracket/extension

The baby started crawling recently and we put up an improvised fence using some of those plastic baby coral things but there were a couple of issues. First, we recently bought really nice furniture (our first big purchase since we moved in 2 years ago) and we wanted something not baby-like and multi color to look nice with our new nice furniture. Also the baby coral didn’t have a proper gate. So my wife bought a nice looking, sturdy fence with a real gate but it was too short by about a foot.

Voila the baby fence wall bracket and extension. It’s simple inexpensive pine ply. I didn’t even use edge banding. I edged out with joint compound and also used the joint compound to repair the tear out from drilling the holes through this cheap plywood.

At first I wanted to make something really nice out of some maple scraps I have but the design would have been different and it would have taken much longer to build and finish. I wasted a couple of hours thinking about how to build it that way and prepping the scraps for the project. In the end, I realized that there is no way I could make straight through mortises without a drill press, which I desperately need to buy. So I gave up on that and went with plywood. Also, thanks to the baby, I have very little time with all the interruptions and I really needed to finish it today (started yesterday).

The holes were my wife’s idea. They help to make it less utilitarian and more interesting. I still have to fill the screw holes and touch up the paint. I’ll do that tonight.

Thanks for looking.

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Here’s a closer view.

Losing fingers since 1969

Those circles are nicely laid out , they add interest . nice job !

I agree. The holes makes it much more interesting.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

It’s one of those projects that is almost pure utility so I had to come up with something to spruce it up. I’m glad my wife suggested it.

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Giving credit where credit is due. You’re a class act Brian! Looks great, and as others said, the holes add that visual interest to keep it appealing. Great job!

That’s a great idea Brian ,a creative way to extend the wall but being able to clear the wall heater.

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Really nice job , I agree with the holes giving it character