Shoe rack

Shoe rack

I’ve been so busy with construction projects that I haven’t had any time for woodworking. Finally my wife put the full court press on a back burner project: a shoe rack for the entry closet. So this weekend I fired up the table saw. It’s about 48″ × 24″ × 11″. Lots of slots for summer shoes. There are a few slots for kid size winter boots but mostly they’ll go on top. 2. Places sized specifically for my boots. :-)

Made of 1 sheet of 1/2" maple ply and a few scraps of 1/2" birch ply. I was in a rush as I have been with everything since the baby came along. With the constant baby related interruptions, I guess I’m lucky to have finished it at all. The finish is a little sloppy. It’s not bad and you might not even see the slop in the picture but it’s barely adequate. The good thing is that it will be mostly covered in use and those paint and filler imperfections probably will never be noticed. That’s what you get when everything is a rush job. Oh well…

The cubbies are finished with rattle can spar urethane. Quick and easy and offers a little protection from snow covered boots. I really like the way it darkened the color a little. Looks nice.

Will install tonight. Thanks for looking.

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That will accommodate quite a bit of shoes…
Well congratulation on having finished it. when my babies came along I was overwhelmed and pretty much nothing got done for a while.

Hope the baby is doing well and you are catching some sleep:)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

No sleep last night. I took a shift for a change. ;-)

I put the shoe rack in last night. Now it’s possible to enter the stoopid closet to hang up my jacket. Ha ha.. One more problem solved.

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Well done .
Now back to the projects that are more fun but this one needed to be done and what is this sleeping thing all about ? LOL

That’s one big shoe rack,nice work.

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That is for a LOT of shoes!
I guess other stuff could also go into it… :)

Very nice!

Did you just cut all of the pieces and BUTT joint – glue’em together?

Thank you,

Have Fun! ...

All the shelves are rabbeted then glued in place. It’s 3 boxes screwed together.

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Good deal Brian. Looks great and will keep the snow of the floors.


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