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I have a stash of wood from an old farm house that was built more than 150 years ago, this is some of the siding, not sure but it seems like oak and had many coats of paint. I have been waiting until my planer blades were getting dull before sending this stuff through and it definitely finished them off!

I used splines on the mitered corner construction, and a raised panel bottom. The middle divider/handle is just glued in with dowels on the ends. Finished with linseed oil.

That 150 year old patina looks great !….Well done !….thanks for sharing

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Nice reuse of wood with a known history and giving it purpose .
I like this kind of project because one can relate to it .
It likely is oak but I cant fathom that it was used as siding .

kdc68, yes it does have some character.

Kiefer, I can’t imagine oak siding either but it looks just like the framing lumber I salvaged, I have asked several locals and the consensus is Chestnut oak.

I guess oak siding would be no stranger than the [oldest] Queen Ann [in Olympia, Washington] I helped restore. Everything, I mean everything (e.g., floors, framing, rafters, etc.) was cedar.

This turned out nice, but that’s nothing packing a few tools around in it can’t cure. ;)

I really need to start looking at using splines. They look great and look rather easy to do once you make a 45-degree bed/sled for the TS. Thanks for sharing!


I like it simple but cool.

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