A couple boxes

A couple boxes
A couple boxes
A couple boxes
A couple boxes
A couple boxes

I am joining in on Miss Debbie’s box request.

One in Cherry with a hinged Bloodwood top, one with Walnut with a Chestnut top. I made several of these to sell in a local shop but did not take pictures until now.


Well Tim, I am going to be a bit slow on this for the time being. I have just started slabbing/resawing some local exotic woods for eventual box-making, so I not only will have to wait on some of this to dry properly, but need to build a wood shed for that to happen. I don’t want to mix this up with my purchased rough sawn lumber and introduce any bad bugs.

My only suggestion is INCLUDE SOME BUILD IMAGES from the shop! We all like that kind of stuff. ;-)


Will do Mike, I have a couple more “in progress” right now.

Well done Tim.
They a nice and clean.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

(don’t forget the BOX tag)

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Thanks Debbie, I thought I had tagged This but when I checked…No.

It is now.

I like Em,nice work.

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