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Here is a Coffin style smoother made with the Veritas plane kit. The wood is Beech from a donor plane and a bloodwood lever cap. Also added set screws on the sides to prevent lateral movement of the iron. Tested it out on some Cherry and Walnut, it works great with or against the grain.

Lanwater- I would buy the kit again, quality parts and good clear instructions, just what you would expect from Veritas. I have already purchased a couple more minus the iron as I have a spare iron that will be used in the next build.

Kiefer- I ordered the O1 steel iron. Body kit? You have to supply your own wood. I cannibalized an old woody for the beech.

Its a Krenov style, cut off the sides then cut the bed angle then glue the sides back on. The hardware kit is spot on, the only caution with the kit is making sure the holes drilled in the bed for the norris adjuster are exactly centered.

Very nice looking plane. Is that 2 pieces of wood top to bottom? If that is the case how did you hollow it out?
Also you seem to be happy with the hardware. Any negatives?

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