Boxes For K-5 Teachers

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I’m not a box maker. I follow several here and on other sites who are exceptional box makers, and I’m truly inspired by their work. However, when my 5 year old granddaughter asked me if we could build her two K-5 teachers a box made from walnut and maple for Christmas….well, the only answer I could possibly give her was absolutely; we sure can!

Here, you have the result of my granddaughter’s request.

The boxes are made from walnut and hard maple, and I installed black flock in the bottom of the tray and box. The stringing and Federal fans are made from maple and the splines are a combination of walnut and maple at the center and maple at the upper and lower spline locations. Handmade dowels are utilized in the box trays to give additional support at the glue joint of the tray dividers. The knob on the box lid is handmade, again utilizing walnut and maple to continue with the same materials of the box. The finish is 4 coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal.

I have a total of 52 hours in the build of the two boxes.

In the last picture you will see the maker’s signature along with some hearts. To me, her signature made the boxes.

My granddaughter will deliver the boxes to her two K-5 teachers tomorrow morning.

-- Steve Gaskins


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