sheet goods falling over?

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I really need to make one of those swing out carts for sheet goods. Right now the stuff is just laying up against the wall. To save a couple of inches it’s nearly upright. A couple of slightly bowed sheets of plywood always want to push everything away from the wall and fall down. And today they did. So I came up with a simple solution using an old dog collar and a hex key that came with some IKEA furniture.

One end screwed to the wall. The hex key through the buckle holes. Nothing but tension holding it in place. Seems study enough and it’s adjustable. :-)

Losing fingers since 1969

That’s a pretty good idea, very clever.
Now for the more important question,
did I just read you bought IKEA furniture? lol

The wife bought it. There’s no debate. Just acceptance.

Losing fingers since 1969

LOL, I agree. I learned the 2 words that keep the peace

Great idea Brian.

I told city hall about “fighting city hall”. Of course there was a lecture that went on for awhile…

Bently: funny, I use the same one. 4 times in a row and she give up. too much of it and no dinner(:- only to mention that :)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Good idea for recycling those old allen wrenches from Ikea Brian. I read that they abandoning them in favor of a new ‘click’ system in the near future. I guess they couldn’t take all the jokes.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Award for clever idea of the day goes to……..Brian!

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Brilliant and simple. A work of art, that.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Great Idea, thatnks for sharing!