TIPS ... for equipment maintenance


What are your tips re: keeping your equipment in tip-top condition?

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Every few months I try and take a day or so and do a thorough cleaning of my shop, cleaning the sawdust from the innards of my machines, blowing the dust out of the motors etc. Then, after cleaning any surface rust or staining, the metal gets a nice coat of wax.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

It’s not my tip, but those who have a bandsaw and have difficulty getting it running smoothly, should take a good look at the following video. I did and follow this for a really smooth time with my bandsaw. Hope it helps someone .

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When buying new bar clamps it is good idea to wax the bars before you start using them. That way errant glue that drips on them will come right off. I didn’t do this on some parallel jaw clamps and they had so much glue on they wouldn’t slide on the bars. It took me 2 hours w/ heat gun and a file card to get all of the glue off on 4 clamps, lesson learned.

Bondo Gaposis

Clean your blades and bits. resin build up affect the cut dramatically.

This blade went though 3 small projects but resin from pine and douglas fir in particular built up quickly.

I gave it a bath today.

Corrosion protection. The solution is 3 part water…

As good as new.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

This can also apply to the bandsaw blades, They get very sticky sometimes.

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