Black Woodworking Friday

Martin Sojka
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Do you plan to upgrade your workshop with a shiny new tool today? Did you find a perfect Black Friday deal for your woodworking buddies?

Share your plans and finds here…

Martin Sojka,


I was too busy working in the shop to shop for the shop! ;-)


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I got to much tools a;nd little space so no black friday for me.
I spent it in the shop:C)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I perused some of the online sales, nothing really caught my eye. I have a list of a few tools that I’ve been waiting to see on sale…maybe next year!

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

I had plans for a joiner but the chief budget planner nixed them. I can only hope her heart will soften, this being the Christmas season and all.