Fein MultiMaster


This has got to be one of the best tools to come out in the past 5 or so years! As an installer I find this tool amazingly accurate. It ought to be because it was originally designed for bone surgery.
A must have for my work. But why are the blades so crazy expensive? One Fein blade was $43.00! When I bought the tool a 3 pack was $47.00.So I bought a knock off brand blade for $17.00 ea.Still shaking my head.


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Yeah I have buddies that have that tool and they love it. I just cant justify the cost to own one. But again I haven’t needed on either. Blade cost is crazy at 43.00

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Harbor Freight sells a similar machine for anywhere from ~$10 to ~$45 depending model and current sale. I have the variable speed one and find it to be an excellent tool. A friend also has one and says it is every bit as good as the Fein he wore out and quieter.

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I got the very first version of the fein as a gift from my wife.I used it 4 years later. I agree it’s a life saver; Very solid.

The accessories are very expensive. I see some with a quick blade change. That’s the only thing I miss.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

For certain used, these things can’t be beat. But I have the same issue with the cost of the Fein blades, so I usually look for other brands that will still work with it.

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Great for wood floor repairs.

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Yeah Brian, I plunged cut red oak flooring for perfect 45°miters doing a fancy floor border.It cut like butter.No tool can match that.I think I need two!


Absolutely. My guys use it to trim out damaged floor for replacement. It sure beats trying to pull the whole boards out. You can hit one board at a time and interweave the replacements as if they were always there. Clean cuts.

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Yep, I cut a hidden finish nail right down the middle!


I have one of the Harbor Freight $20 units I have been using for about 5 years now. Most used tool in the bin! I’ve used it for electrical cut outs, plumbing pipe cuts (plastic and copper), notching out door jambs for tile to slide under (laminates too), cleaning up cement residue after removing tile, sanding my wood projects, and a lot more. And when it quits working I’ll go buy 2 more!

This type tool is awesome ….I have the dewalt version. And I must say its used quite frequently….some of the accessories are kinda overpriced. But overall one of my top 3 tools


I like your comment Brian.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

I have a lot more experience repairing wood floors than I ever wanted. ;-)

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