I made my third mallet this week. If it looks similar to my first one, it’s because it is very similar, but I changed the handle slightly and used pallet oak instead of maple. I know there are some beautiful mallets out there. Let’s see them.

I took it to work today I where I took the picture with the Brooklyn bridge in the background. Nice…

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Wow very cool. I need to make some but not till i get the okay to go back in the shop from the doctor.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Nice mallet, Brian, and a great photo shot!


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So let’s see those mallets. What happened to Kiefer? He has some beautiful ones.

Losing fingers since 1969

Great job on the mallet, I like the picture


I’ve never taken the trouble to build a mallet. I just got one of the orange plastic coated, lead shot filled dead blow hammers from Harbor freight and called it good enough =))

This one is more pleasurable to use than the plastic orange one. ;-)

Losing fingers since 1969

I like the color contrast. I need to make one of these a future project!