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One of the thing that bugs the hell out of me is the total number of post a user makes.

I think the number of post a user make should not be publish. That way we get honest comment and less post just meant to increase the post count just to be on the top. Sometime that counter portray the wrong impression that the higher poster is knowledgeable. I believe that, sometime, it could intimidate new user from expressing their opinion when they see the “gurus” on the other side of the fence.

That was in my opinion a major issue with LJ.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I don’t disagree with that, but to many it seems the post count if the most important thing. I guess that’s why most of the software platforms include it as part of the package.

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Most often higher post count shows proven track record of the member on the specific website. There exception as always. Anyways I think it’s a vital small number on the community website.

Martin Sojka,

At this time, it is kind of ironic that you have the highest post count…..followed by me….lol….
IMO, the number of post counts isn’t necessarily an indicator of expertise, but rather it is simply an indicator of participation. A great example is myself, I do not (and would not ever) portray myself as an expert, but yet I have the second highest post count. This is contributed to commenting and complimenting the fine craftsmanship I see here.
It’s a matter of what’s being said in each post, not the volume, that would deem one’s level of expertise….
I mean no offense to your concern, I am just attempting to share another perspective

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The number of posts by an individual is on the user profile page. Anyone that is interested can click on the user name and see it if they are interested. Does it need to appear on each new post as well?

-- Art

I’m just asking this because I don’t understand. Why does post count matter at all? Some folks will ask a lot of questions and give a lot of encouragement, but there is no prize for being high poster. I just doesn’t matter. I don’t see an issue or a need but it’s obviously a part of the software but I never check to see if poster A has more posts than poster B, never.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

It becomes an issue when they cut and copy the same answer to other user and sometimes to same user several times.
It is then very irritating and it becomes apparent they really did not care about the post.
The worst part is when it becomes a series of answers to a post that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, trying to outdo each other.
Some people get a kick for having a high count. One could say who cares? Well you will care when it’s your post asking a specific question that get turned into a zoo.

The good news is on this site the count is only on the profile page.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I would like to never see a post count next to my name.
I can’t spend the time it takes for me to build a high count.
I need to get some other things done.
If others can build count and still do a day’s work, I say, “well done”.

Don “Dances With Wood” Butler

Post count is a poor indicator of how qualified a commenter is to answer a given question. A better way to weight the value of comments is to look at the commenter’s posted projects. I don’t just mean how good the projects are but also what kind of work do they do. It’s still only an indicator but it’s certainly better than post counts.

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I totally agree that post count is a very poor indicator.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA