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I’m Mike. Thanks for letting me join the forum. I’ve been a long time tool owner, but consider myself a real beginner when it comes to woodworking. I’ve decided to put the stuff in my garage to use instead of just gathering dust. I don’t intend to do any large projects at this time, but likely things like boxes and turnings, stuff the wife wants :-), etc. Stuff that won’t take a long time to complete or take over the garage. I’ve also decided to learn how to use hand tools. (at least when creating boxes) Most people can learn to push a board through a table saw or create dovetails with a router, but it takes real skill to do these things with hand planes, back saws and chisels. I’m hoping to be able to learn those skills. I look forward to the quite and intimacy of the work instead of the noise and ever present danger of spinning blades.

Looking forward to interacting with the group.


Welcome Mike.

like you I am attracted more and more towards hand tools.
At this time I seldom use them but I am going to ramp it up.

Enjoy the site.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Hi Mike Welcome to the fun,It’s great that you choose to use hand tools.

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Welcome Mike. It is very nice working with hand tools for several good reasons:

  • Almost no dust except when sanding.
  • Quiet and no need to wear a dust mask and hearing protection.
  • Does not require a large shop.
  • Very small investment compared to buying machine tools.
  • Easy to keep the shop clean without dust extraction, air filters, etc.
  • No real disadvantages for small projects.
    Of course you will need the right stuff to keep your edge tools sharp and properly honed.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Welcome Mike I hope you enjoy the site as much as we all do. This I a great bunch of people willing to give help and advise at any stage. Welcome,

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

Thanks, I have to start on my honey do list. Good thing they are small woodworking tasks


Nice to meet you Mike, I do also share my preference for hand tools, especially for the investment you have to make and in my town it’s very limited variety of power tools you can find. This way I also feel like I am developing more a handcraft than just a hobby at home and the sensation of building is more authentic, i think

- Sergio

- Man most valuable tools are his hands, his brain and the passion he delivers to his projects -

Welcome. I’m not strictly hand tools, but what the hey…..we all have a place here.

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Welcome Mike

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