Just a small update

Martin Sojka
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As may have noticed, our navigation bar in the header has been centered to fit the rest of the latest redesign.

Hope you like it.

Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

Yup I like the change just wish you would change creations to projects .

The change looks great Martin. I think that “Creations” is a better descriptive of what we do than “Projects” Just my opinion :)


I like creations only because most of what we do are our own designs. Projects tend to portray a set pattern that already exists. Not always but, most times. Either way works for me, just glad I get to witness all the workmanship you all post and share. Thank you.


I’m happy. Creations sounds a bit pretentious, and projects sounds more like a toil in the Texas sun. I personally like “Built Designs”, showing that you went through both the design and build stage.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Nice update.

I also like “projects”

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

+10 Creations

Even when I “follow” WW plans (which is more often than not), I often make minor mistakes that need correcting, and/or make other minor modifications to fit my skills, tools, and efficiency. Just for an example; I really like and prefer using floating tenons in my joinery, even when a different method is called for in the “plans”.

Thus, these are all personal “creations” IMO.