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I tell you that wood dust attracts spiders like , a dog to a fire hydrant . I have stop some times and just vacuum the corners and around all the equipment because of the spider webs . Has any one figured out some thing that keeps them away ?


Unfortunately, for me, just cleaning more often. I detest spiders so, I try and keep a cleaner area.


This is the best stuff I’ve every used ,it says it’s fine for indoor and out door use.
I sprayed the roof cover on the front of my house two years ago and there still are not spiders on it. Before using it we would clean off the spiders and they would be back the next day.


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Thanks a1jim , I’ll get some and try it .


There’s a spider that lives in the corner of my shop window. She’s pretty big and has great legs. The other day a wasp made it into the shop, I had the door open. Lucy, I call her Lucy, had made a pretty good sized net in that corner. The wasp, of course, started bashing itself against the window until it got caught.

Lucy raced out and bit it then moved back…wasp died, Lucy ate. She can stay.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Unfortunately, it often happens that attempts to kill off spiders leaves the nastier ones behind. I’ve found vacuuming does wonders. It seems they catch on that their intended lairs are destined for invasion, so they move elsewhere.

I had a house with an open ceiling in the basement. After the first major vacuuming, right after I moved in, they came back pretty strong. After about the third, I could almost go a year before I started getting creeped out.

I want spiders in my shop. I leave them alone to the maximum extent possible. I do this for a very good reason. Spiders eat the damned tiger mosquitoes that breed in the creek at the end of the block. I’d import spiders if I could. Spiders have never done me any harm. The dammed tiger mosquitoes try to drink me dry.

It is my belief that spiders will protect your wood, by eating all the critters, that eat your wood.


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Whitacrebespoke I have to have traps set year a round , some times I catch as many as 3 a night , there is nothing more I hate than to open a draw and see a mouse nest , I hate that smell. One would think that the snakes would eat them ?


I think you need a cat, Bruce. They’re just a little more shop friendly than snakes. :-)

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I know a cat that could help…come put it in the carrier yourself, though.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)