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Jack King
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I had a first today while using the bandsaw. Working on a very small piece of wood and the blade broke. The break appears not to be a defective blade because it appears to be all new where it broke. Can anyone recommend a cleaner for the tires as they have some build up? Nothing in the manual about what to use but I don’t want to degrade the tires with some chemical. The saw is a Laguna 14/12. Many thanks in advance for any advise you might offer.


I use a plastic scraper, no chemicals at all. Plastic won’t hurt the rubber either. At least this works on my Shopsmith 10" bandsaw.


that will work I use air hose to blow off to


I use a stiff bristled brush to clean my tires off.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Thanks guys. I cut some pine awhile back and there is really some tough residue on the tires.


If you have pine sap use some mineral spirits to wipe it down

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that’s works good to jim pine the worst on tires


Thanks Jim and Jim, mineral sprits did the trick.


Just a heads up, people use ammonia cleaner on printer rollers because alcohol washes the talc or talc like material out of rubber. As such, it would be one of the things to avoid.

I saw an article where a guy used an old metal ruler to scrape the tires clean.

Jack, I’ve broken my share of blades but since I starting following Alex Snodgrass and his video, I’ve not broken another blade.

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