any tips?

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someone has asked us to make a beer-glass-tray (10.5″ × 5.5″), that looks like a cutting board with a handle… they want 6 holes cut into the wood to hold the glasses.

I started thinking that the wood, perhaps, should be a laminate so keep it from breaking when the glasses are full…. thoughts?

(and add a handle at the one end).

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Hi Debbie
It depends on the kind of wood you use, a 1/2 ply will work and you won’t have to worry about wood movement if you’re going to put a band around the edges. If you’re not going to band the edges you could use hard rock maple or Ipe and it should be plenty strong even at 3/8" thick.

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you can always use a strip of felt on the inside of the ring to will give a nice touch


If you have a set of glasses that will stay with the board, make legs that are just a little shorter than the glasses as the protrude from the bottom. That way, when you set the tray down, the glasses will hit the table first and then get pushed up through the hole a little and then there will be a small space around the glasses so if the wood moves it won’t matter at all.

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thanks, guys!!
I’m sharing these ideas with the request-ee

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Hope these help

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

definitely helpful.

I especially like that pile, showing the type of wood used.

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