Need new roller stands

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I have a pair of cheap roller stands (they came with my table saw) and they are finally biting the dust. First the height adjustment knob stripped and I took to holding the height with clamps. But now one of the rollers is completely broken.

I’m looking for simple, no frills rollers with heavy duty, long lasting height adjustment. My shop floor is uneven so I can’t simply set one height and never have to touch it again.

Any recommendations? Obviously, cost is important and I want to stay as close to free as possible. LOL. Suggestions for shop made rollers are great too.

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I was in Menard’s a few months ago and" they had these on sale for $10/ea": I bought 2, thinking I didn’t have much to lose. They are cheaply made ( the HF ones in the link are identical to the ones i bought) and it’s a little tough to get the feet level, but they really work well. One thing I noticed was that the legs colsed up when I shifted them, so I added this PVC to keep them open (this was a tip in a magazine I copied).

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Thanks. How does the height knob work for you? That was one of my issues – the threads stripped.

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The bearings in my rollers died. I just cut a couple plugs from plywood, drilled holes and installed them as bearings and the cheap beast is off and running again.

If needed, I can go out and photo them and post them.

That sounds great. Also sounds exactly like my roller issue. There is some kind of rubber wheel that is tore up. I guess that’s what you replaced with plywood.

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That’s the animal, Brian. Seems to work well enough I don’t think about it – until you brought it up. After all, I seldom get the rollers up over ninety.

This is the simple of it, Brian.

I’ll give that a try. Looks exactly the same as mine. I’ll let you know if it works out.

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You could make one yourself

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I got 4 rollers with stands from harborfreight almost 7 years ago and they work fine. I usually trash anything that has to do with harborfreight due to very bad experiences with their electric tools but I must say the rollers are working fine.

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I’m going to try Kelly’s suggestion first. It meets my criteria: as close to free as possible. LOL. Plus I took the roller apart last night and figured out how to do it and keep the bearing. We’ll see how that works out.

Also, while I was thinking about it, I came up with an idea for the broken height adjustment knobs using c clamps permanently attached. Maybe I can bring these things back to life after all.

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