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Tiny plane


I keep this guy in my backpack for emergencies. :-)

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This proves you are a true woodworker Brian, just curious what kind of emergency you would need it for :))

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I use them all the time. Binding doors, etc. A little plane is very useful. Cleaning edges. Very useful tools.

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I’ve got one that looks similar. It’s plane iron is a razor blade! (no sharpening needed; just replace)


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Jim, Madts nailed it. In the photo is a piece of poplar clamped to a saw horse that will be the head frame of a pivot door. The emergency was caused by the architect screwing something up and the door has now become a double door with the frame bent at 45° in the middle. It’s a crazy thing that I’m going to finish today. I used the plane to fit it to the wall for a L-bead (no regular trim).

It’s s very lightweight so I don’t mind carrying it. I have this joke about the tool pocket in my bag. It contains everything you need, not everything you want. That’s because I had 2 or 3 days in a row where someone needed something that nobody else had on site but I was able to pull those things out of my bag like a magicians hat. :-)

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I should have to know you’re in the trades by the photo, makes a lot of sense to carry around that little fellow then.

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Can’t live without one, actually 3 of them, strategically placed around the shop.


I have one of those for my basket making. I love it!


Yep… a cool block plane is something everyone have at hand… good for a multiple of uses… even sharpening pencils! :)

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