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Fish Carving

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Hi. My name is Mandy and I’m from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I’ve been a civil engineer for the past 25+ years. I grew up in the residential building business. My father was a manager of Lowe’s for 23 years before buying his own building supply business. So I grew up in Lowe’s, spending my summers running around the warehouse and going on deliveries. After college I worked at my dad’s store for 3 years doing contractor sales, house take-offs and purchasing merchandise. I’ve always had the creative bug and when I got out on my own I started remodeling my own homes and building pieces I couldn’t afford brand new. I found this site through Pinterest and it seemed like a great place to learn and share. Thanks for having me!


Welcome! We look forward to sharing with you and learning from you.


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Hi Mandy, welcome..

Hi Mandy, I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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Welcome Mandy, sure glad you found Woodworking Web. With your resume I am really looking forward to seeing your work and ideas. I’m just to your south in Roanoke. Just one thing though, I’m a big Wahoo fan.

-- Jack

Thanks for the welcome Munchy and Jack!

Jack, my daughter is getting ready to move to Roanoke. And I won’t hold that Wahoo thing against you. Lol. I was actually the Assistant Traffic Engineer for the City of Charlottesville.

Welcome Mandy :)

-- Martin Sojka,

Welcome Mandy. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Welcome! We have a lot of great people on here, always encouraging and willing to give great advice.


-- Angellos


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