Woodworking web notifiers


I just realized that I am not getting any Woodworking Web Notifiers emails any more. Anyone else having this problem?


No problems here.

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Ditto here.


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I’ve had continual problems with notifiers on LJs, but none here. I think it could have to do with logarithms the email provider uses to determine if they think you should get the email. I finally ended up changing my notifications to another email address with a different email service. I had changed it back and forth between two @yahoo.com addresses and would get it for a while and then it would quit again so I finally just changed email services altogether.

Here’s a survey I read when I was trying to figure out why I don’t get notifications. I don’t know if it answers any questions about our woodworking notifications, but it answered a lot of questions about why newsletters to which I subscribe don’t end up in my inbox.

I hope you have another email address to which you can have the notifications sent and that you can get them again.

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Many thanks L/W I will give that a try. I received a couple overnight but like you it will probably be spastic once it has started.