I finally did something smart


I emptied my dust collector before planing the last of my ekki reclaimed pier decking. Then i filled a gallon ziplock bag with the pure ekki dust. Imagine the fun I’ll have with this beautiful chocolaty dust! ?

Maybe i can fill the bolt holes in the decking with it. I think I’ll try that with a small sample.

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Smart move Brian. Makes a great wood filler.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

What kind of glue should i use?

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You can use super glue or titebond just before you need it.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

I’ll try titebond. I bleed titebond. ?

Losing fingers since 1969

I use the stuff for tint when I epoxy knots & cracks. Smart move to save it. Who doesn’t have jars of different sawdust???

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Hi Brian
Lots of people know about using sawdust and glue, the only issue is that you really need fine dust to make it look its best say from sanding with 220 grit or higher. Your smart to do a test on something first. A couple of other issues is that if this is outdoors you should use Titebond III because its water proof, it still can be an issue outdoors because the sun can discolor your patch particularly the glue. What I always tell my students is the best patch for wood is wood,so I would suggest filling holes with wood plugs . If you don’t have a set of plug cutters you can get a set at a very low cost.

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if you have a sander, they make great dust for this


The obvious problem is the lack of any grain. For that, an Exacto blade may be your best friend.

When I repaired a friend’s oak table, which had sprouted wings and few out of the back of a pickup, I scratched my head over how I was going to blend the patch.

A butt joint became a sore thumb, so I chiseled out the damage to bring the lines MORE parallel to the ones around them. Then I carved light lines in. When the stain and finish went on, the repair went to invisible, when done.