Oddites in wood #1: odd wood grain, Knots or patterns

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This is a scrap of Douglas Fir I was about to toss away when this caught my eye " A Bird " I did add the eye but other than that wow!

-- Daba

  • Part 1: odd wood grain, Knots or patterns

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Here is my contribution, not any where near as impressive as those above but never the less

My son and I were cutting timber to make him a potting table

The material was lots of recycled pieces

As we were cleaning up sadly we found somebodys cat which had been hiding in the timber.

We gave it a prod with the marking pen but it didnt move

-- Regards Rob

I found this log in my firewood pile:

And after a little while in the workshop I found this inside it:

It’s 95mm wide, 300mm long and 8mm thick…Now it just needs a project.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

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