Tip to clean glue tip

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Made a quick video to clean spray glue tip after long use or if gets clogged.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Oh man ill pay shipping lol. Yeah theres a lot of painting to do. I have so much work ahead my heads actually spinning. Lol i put my workbench on hold till i get a head on the craft show items. But this coming week is going to be a rest week because Wednesday im heading in for surgery and might no be in the shop for a while.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Brian you are correct on the aerosol cans however the spray glue after using it for over two hours built up glue around the little hole and wasnt spraying well. If you try to just wipe the glue away , well it just becomes a mess. Thats why i gave a tip to use mineral spirts. It just took the gule right off and it was like a new can. Yeah im making them flowers as in my youtube video. Right now i have 150 made so that was 300 templates that had to be cut out and sprayed with glue and place on the wood. Craft shows are coming up and im trying to get a large supply. I need to finish all the drilling then sanding then comes the assembly. Then after that carpet tape them to a sheet of plywood and im spray them with gravity feed sprayer with two coats of white primer. Then my wife offered to paint them. Thank god for her offering. Lol

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

I usually spray the can upside down into a garbage can for a second or 2 when I’m done using it. That usually clears the nozzles on most aerosol cans. Some are designed to spray from any angle including upside down so that won’t work every time.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

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