Ramblings from a South Central Texas Wood Butcher #12: Member of the Week! Wow!

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Logged in, a little bit ago, to check out the newest creations by my fellow woodworkers, and in scrolling down I saw me as the Member of the Week. Wow, what a surprise!

I don’t know the selection criteria, and I’m sure there’s others more fitting for this selection, but thank you though, for honoring me.

I’m really enjoying this community, and am learning tons, not to mention the inspiration I’m getting from seeing all the great work. It’s awesome to be back into woodworking!

Thanks again!

Happy Wooding, Shin!

-- Keith "Shin" Schindler

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Congarts and we need more like you .
I hope to see more projects and blogging on this site not just a few like you that contribute and keep it interesting .


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