(Not So) Hidden Gems #1: Upload Multiple Pictures At Once

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Do you ever get scared of posting a long entry with lots of pictures? They are ready to be posted on your computer but uploading them one by one seems like a tedious process.

We make it easy for you. Just click on the Insert picture button and select all the pictures you want to add. They will start uploading at once and keep the order from your computer.

Auto-generated picture name cotains a fragment of your original filename so you can recognize them and add the copy in context.

Go ahead and try it yourself when posting your next great entry and use your saved time wisely ;)

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

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I’m slovak, should be easy :)) clik on insert picture btn. Select multiple pics on your computer (drag, ctrl or shift click). Then ok and they should start uploading one by one.

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

Cool! I have been doing it the old way… one at a time. Great! Thanks Martin!

I also like how the new “add link” function works, though I was confused at first. ;-)

-- HorizontalMike

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