The Shop #2

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It was a crazy busy summer, no time to work on the shop much less create anything it.

Made this storage unit using scrap & pallet wood . Each shelf is from a different type of sheet material.
The 2 end units are 24w x 17d x 56h. The overall length is 15’

I glued & screwed 3/4 × 1″ cleats under each shelf for heavy load protection.
The shelf across the top is 3/4 plywood with a layer of knotty veneer plywood that I retrieved from a pallet. I glued & screwed both sheets together, staggering the joints. Glued a1x6 to the back edge for suport which is bolted to the wall.
I put a clear coat finish on all.
The next step is to cut out a 8′ × 10′ 6" opening in the wall between the shelf units.

-- Jaybird

It’s always a great feeling to get things organized and stored away. It looks like you made some really big progress towards that. Great work.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Thanks Thorreain, it feels pretty good sitting in the soft chair using the scroll saws.
I’m going to make a new drawer for it one of these days.

-- Jaybird

Ianwater, I like that idea. More space for more tools. Someone called me a tool junkie. I like collecting tools as well as I like using them.
Thanks Bruce !!!
Thanks Brian, I’ve only been in this shop 2 years. I have casters on most of my stuff . I’ve done a lot of moving around, have been slow to fastening something to one place.

-- Jaybird

More storage=more space for new tools:)

I have been thinking to redo my shop for a while now. My main problem has been organizing my tools. They are everywhere now.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

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