The Shop, saw stations #1: The Shop, miter saw station

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I used mostly pallet wood, the back, floor & drawer bottoms are made from 1/4 " paneling from partition walls that I removed from the shop, also the electrical & 2×4′s for the base. I used up a lot of scrap plywood.
The industrial supply down the street from my shop discarded office work stations that I used for the tops.
The switch near the miter saw controls both saws & the dust collector .
The pic of one end shows the hole for the vacuum hose and electric for dust collector.
The 2 large drawers will be for small scraps, one for fire wood, the other for hardwood & other usable pieces. There are 2 shoots next to the miter saw.
There are 3 slots at the back for 3 to 6’ scrap pieces & 3 shelves for 18" to 24" scraps.
I will eventually put on drawer fronts when I find just the right material.
More to come.

-- Jaybird

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Brian, I guess great minds work alike.
I have a real old table saw without the new safety switch.
So I rewire to allow the dust collector to come on with the saw.

-- Jaybird

I did something sort of similar. I wired an outlet to my tablesaw switch and plug the vacuum into that switched outlet. That way the vacuum always comes on with the saw. I upgraded the switch and the power chord too, to handle the extra amperage.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Thanks Mark, I like saving money on recycled, more money for tools.
Also, I like the rustic look.
Yes, there are 3 outlets, 1 for each saw & 1 for the vacuum. The switch near the miter saw controls all three. That way the vac has to be on for the saws to work.
I getting ready to post more pics on the radial saw station.

-- Jaybird

Hi Jay… Like what you have done. Looking at all of the recycled wood, I thought, “This dude get his supplies at the same place I do”. Noticed the HD shielded cord coming out of the wall fixture. I assume this cord supplies power to all of the outlets in your new work station. Great job!

Thank you both !
I have always been pretty conservative & I recycled a lot, but it’s funny how my mind set changed after I retired.
Less income & a little more time makes a difference. LOL

-- Jaybird

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