Surf Fishing Plugs #12: Payoff


Woodworking and fishing combined. :-)

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Cool, What is it and how did it taste?


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Great payoff Brain. Get that freezer stock full and we will all come to dinner.


Bluefish in all pics. My wife doesn’t like them, so I never bring them home. Very oily and fishy flavor. Although when they’re smoked it’s pretty good. I did some last year and it was pretty good.

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You can’t beat that combination!!


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The last picture was from Sunday. Me and my son together on the jetty. Conditions were exactly what I live for: overcast, 30 mph wind in your face, 8 foot waves breaking against jetty rocks, getting soaked in sea spray and a little rain, big fish exploding at your feet and ripping off line in the current… It’s really exhilarating when the both environment and fish are going crazy. When the tide came in the waves started crashing over the jetty and we had to leave a good bite for fear of getting swept off. No fish is worth your life, but we had our share of fun by that point. :-)

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