Learning Curve: Afghan Edge

Having been away from crocheting for a few years, the learning curve to remember the tips & tricks is very frustrating. I had previously documented my techniques but two computers later, they are all gone.  So, it’s time for a refresher course for me! 

My favourite crocheting technique is #TunisianCrochet and, in this video, I’m showing how I do the edge of my work, in this case an afghan. 

For this afghan I am loading the stitches across (I am left-handed, so am working left to right) and, then, with this afghan, the return pass is with the same colour and, so, the same yarn. 

The stitch I am using is the “flat stitch”, which goes through the front bar and the front part of the “v” at the top of the row. I load all the stitches to the end and then go through both parts of the V at the edge of the work. 
And this is where I get confused - do I chain one or what? No, just (1) load the loop through that V, (2) yarn over and (3) pull through just one loop on the hook. For the rest of the stitches on the hook, you go through two loops. 

When you get to the other side of your work and only have one loop on the hook, that is your edge stitch. You, then,  start going across again, working into the next stitch as usual. Again, there is no “chain 1”. 

Is this the “right” way? I don’t know, but it is how I do it and as long as I’m consistent, it will work! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
~ Debbie
How do YOU do your edges???  

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